Comfort & support now comes with a great view.

Make your day out a safer, more comfortable and enjoyable adventure.


Booster Buddy is a comfortable and practical solution for boat owners frustrated with having to look through a windscreen covered in salt spray, reflections or intrusive instrumentation to see where they’re going.

Most boats come off the production line with very little customisation. The problem with that is we’re all different sizes, have kids onboard and all have different purposes for our boat. Often it’s these little problems with a boat that become big problems.

One of the more common problems is poor visibility. It’s important for anyone driving a boat to have a 360 degree view around the boat. Some seats, depending on the build of the boat or the height of the skipper, are too short. This can leave the skipper without a safe view out of the windscreen.

Poor visibility is dangerous and stressful when trying to navigate waterways crowded with swimmers, kayakers, boats or floating debris. Having to stand or sit on life jackets to see where you’re going results in a sore back, aching legs and a forgettable day out.

Multipurpose in its use, Booster Buddy works for many different types of boats, from tinnies, to fly bridge cruisers and everything in between. It’s also a great booster seat for the kids.

If you have a low positioned seat, the need for added visibility, or just a nice firm backrest, Booster Buddy will make your day out a more relaxing and enjoyable one.

A comfortable and versatile marine booster seat that really delivers much more than you would expect.

Built Tough

Made from commercial grade, UV resistant, marine grade vinyl & EPE foam.

Increased Visibilty

19cm of extra seat height now gives you an unobstructed view of your surroundings.


Great for kids to see where they’re going, at the footy, movies or the dinner table.

WITH Boosterbuddy: 

Clear and unobstructed view of your surroundings. Relax and enjoy your day out!

WITHOUT Boosterbuddy: 

Sun glare, sea spray and instrumentation all add up to a stressful day out!

Quality Features

A quality, lightweight and durable buddy to take on whatever adventure
you choose. We promise it won’t let you down!

  • Cover

    UV resistant, marine grade
    vinyl cover with bonded
    polyester stitching.

  • Cushion

    EPE foam cushion provides excellent
    comfort and shock absorption.

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  • Back support

    Provides excellent lower
    back support.

  • Extras

    Handy carry strap and
    side pocket for your
    phone or keys.

Product Benefits

The Booster Buddy™ provides an extra 19cm of sitting height in a durable, good-looking and comfortable booster seat designed for
adults and children alike across many different applications.

Product Dimensions

Built for bums. Designed for comfort.

Comfort & Function

Whatever your adventure, Booster Buddy™ will be there when you need it!

Quote Icon Booster Buddy really is one of those simple products which solves a problem for many boaties. If you have a low positioned seat, the need for added visibility, or just a nice firm backrest, the Booster Buddy is well worth checking out. Scott Thomas, Editor, Fishing World

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Some often asked questions and answers regarding the Booster Buddy™ dimensions,
applications and maintenance.


All the Booster Buddy™ dimensions (height x width x length) are answered here.
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Care and Cleaning

The first step to keeping your Booster Buddy™ healthy is keeping it clean!
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Your Booster Buddy™ is very portable and can be used for many different adventures.
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